Cochin gynecological endoscopic training center provides high quality individualized hands on training programs for gynecologists, theatre nurses and technicians round the year on a personal tutorial basis.

The training program started in 1988 and since then trained more than 1200 gynecologists. The center is approved by Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecological society of India for endoscopic training.

  • Center provides basic and advanced laparoscopic surgery skills depending on the level of experience of the candidates.
  • Only 3 candidates are taken in a batch and duration of course is for 2 weeks.
  • Advanced Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic surgeries will be demonstrated. Average 3-4 surgeries per day will be demonstrated from Monday to Friday. Surgery for ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, myomectomy, adhesiolysis, total lap hysterectomy, Burch’ colposupension, laparoscopic tubal surgeries including laparoscopic tubal anastomosis. Laparoscopic presacral neurectomy, Hysteroscopic septum incision, Hysteroscopic myomectomy, endometrial ablation etc. Approximately 30-35 cases in two weeks. Type of cases depends on availability.
  • Will be able to assist surgery in turn. Can introduce Verres needle, trocars and secondary instrument independently. It is also possible to get a feel of surgery in simple cases.
  • Detailed lectures on equipments and electrosurgery
  • Pelvitrainer and video endoscope is available for practice everyday. Different types of endo-suturing will be taught on the pelvitrainer in a choreographed technique.
  • Multimedia CD ROMs, Teaching video cassettes, unedited video recordings are available for learning.
  • Use of diathermy will be taught on specimens.
  • Collections of reference books on endoscopy are available in the center.
  • You can bring patients for endoscopic surgery.
Training Calendar
Training schedule 2015  
Batch Availability
23rd March - 4th  April Admission completed
6th April    - 18th April Admission completed
20th April   -  2nd  May  Admission completed
4th  May - 16 th May Admission completed
18th  May   - 30th  May Admission completed
8th  June     - 20th   June 1 vacancy   
22 June - 4th July  2 vacancies 
6th   July  -  18th July  Admission  completed
20th July     - 1st  August   Admission completed
3rd August   - 15th August  2 vacancies 
31st August - 12th September  4
14th  September - 26th September  3
12th October - 24th October  4
26th October  - 7th November    4
9th November    - 21st November  4
23rd November  - 5th December  4
7th December    - 19th December   4
21st December  - 2nd January   
Last Up dated 23rd March 2015      
The course fee is Rupees 75,000 ($ 1800 for foreign candidates).
Click here to download the registration form
Laparoscopic training schedule
Training starts at 2 pm on 1st day
Pelvitrainer & Video
Live surgery
Monday 10-12 am 4pm
Tuesday 10-12 am 4pm
Wednesday 10-12 am 4pm
Wednesday 10-12 am 4pm
Friday 4-6 pm 9 am
Saturday 10-12 am No surgery
Please give your contact phone number at the reception to inform about any change in the schedule or for any emergency surgery.
Teaching Materials
Text books on operative laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.
CDs by Dr Paul P.G
(Copies for sale)

Laparoscopic management of ectopic pregnancy (video CD)
Laparoscopic management of endometriosis (video CD)
Laparoscopic myomectomy (video CD)
Laparoscopic hysterectomy (video CD)
Practical hysteroscopy (Interactive multimedia CD)

Surgery videos by other experts are available for viewing
The following hotels are recommended for your stay. They are close to the hospitals. It is a safe place to stay alone.
Park central (0.3km)

Ph:2335537/47/17 ,+91 9447361045


Room  Type                            Special Rate

Single Deluxe Room                Rs. 1800/- Net

Gokulam park inn (1km)

Ph: 2400707


Email- Kpo@sarovarhotels.com

Room Type                                          Special Tariff

Single                                                     Rs. 2500+ taxes

The PGS Vedanta (1.5Km)  

Ph    : 0484-2405777, 3049999

Email       : info@pgsvedanta.com

Website   :  www.pgsvedanta.com

Mob         :  +919544938883

Room Type                                 Special Rate  

Single Executive                    Rs. 2500/-

Double Executive                  Rs.3000/-

Days Residence (Women's  Hostel - 1km)


John’s  Homely Stay (2kms)

Ph :9447136301,2203304,2204911

 Rs. 750 (single occupancy -sharing )

(Rates as on March 2015)
List of Doctors trained after 2011
Australia        [Top]
Dr. Justin James Australia 2007
Dr.R. Rajeswari Nair Australia 2007
Bangladesh        [Top]
Dr. Mrinal Kumar Sarkar   1999
Dr. Firoza Begum Dhakka 2000
Dr. Samsun Nahar Lucky Khulna 2000
Dr. Shamim Fatema Nargis Dhaka 2000
Dr. Anwar Hussian   2001
Dr. S.K. Zinnat Ara Nasreen Dhaka 2001
Dr. Golam Samdani Comilla 2002
Dr. Zannatul Ferdous Jesmin Khulna 2002
Dr.Hasina Akthar   2006
Dr.Monowara Begum Dhakka 2007
Dr. Rafat Nawaz Dhaka 2007
Dr. Shyama AaHuq Dhaka 2007
Dr. Touhida Ahsan Dhaka 2008
Dr.Liza Clenodly Dhaka 2011
Dr.Hasima Sultana Dhaka 2011
Dr. Meher Afroz Dhaka 2012
Brunei        [Top]
Dr. Grace Jacob Brunei Darussalam 2001
Dr. Mary Karsu Brunei Darussalam 2004
Maladives        [Top]
Dr. Sajid Patel Male 1998
Dr. Roby. C. Cherian Male 2000
Dr. Manjula Santhosh Male 2007
Oman        [Top]
Dr. Vijayalakshmy Muscat 1999
Dr. Poornima Nair Muscat 2001
Dr. Girija Nair Muscat 2001
Dr. Reena Mani Sulthane of Oman 2003
Dr. Noor Al-Mandhari Sultanate of Oman 2004
Dr. Manjula Das Sultanate of Oman 2004
Dr.Nirmala Venugopal Oman 2004
Dr. Darshana Pawar Oman 2005
Dr. Veena Paliwal   2005
Dr. Annie Semalesan Oman 2007
Dr. A.R Vijayalaskmi Muscut 2007
Dr. Usha Varghese Oman 2007
Dr. Devayani Narayan Oman 2008
Dr.Meenakshi.S.Yelvantage Muscut 2009
Dr.Heera Banu Muscut 2009
Dr Pamela Issac Oman 2010
Dr.Reeni Cherian Muscut 2010
Saudi Arabia        [Top]
Dr. Victory Saudi Arabia 1996
Dr.Mariam Bina Oomman   2005
Dr. Razia. S Saudi Arabia 2007
South America        [Top]
Dr. Madhu Pandey Singh Gayana 2000
Srilanka        [Top]
Dr.Hayath Mohammed Razeen Mohammed Sri Lanka 2008
Sweden        [Top]
Dr.Ramasaha Sweden 2010
UAE        [Top]
Dr. Indira Mohandas Razal kaima 1997
Dr. Shaimala Devi   1997
Dr. Mary   1998
Dr. Ambili T.K Kuwait 1999
Dr. Elizabath Mathew Dubai 1999
Dr. Gursarup Gautam Fujairah 2001
Dr. Vijayalakshmy UAE 2003
Dr. Rachel mani UAE 2003
Dr. Remadevi V Wani Kuwait 2003
Dr. Arjowan S Mustafa UAE 2003
Dr. Mary Nagy Abadm UAE 2003
Dr. Ambuja Mohan Abu Dhabi 2003
Dr. Beena Augustin . Devassy Abu Dhabi 2004
Dr. Fareeda Jahangir Abu Dhabi 2004
Dr.Ensaf Mohsen Mohammed   2004
Dr. Mai Saloon Satik Ali Sharjah 2004
Dr.Anita Zutshi Oman 2005
Dr.Chitralekha Prithviraj Dubai 2005
Dr.Nawal Mahmood Hubaishi Dubai 2005
Dr.Mangalawani Abu Dhabi 2006
Dr.Farida Adam Dubai 2006
Dr.Aleyzabathu Philip Abu Dhabi 2006
Dr.Harith Zaidan Abu Dhabi 2006
Dr. Faiz Zaman Sharjah 2007
Dr. Surekha Pai Kalsank Abu Dhabi 2007
Dr. Radhika Ramesh Dubai 2007
Dr. Kauser Praveen Sharjah 2007
Dr. Mable L.Pereira Sharjah 2008
Dr.Jayakumari Sanjeevan Nair Sharjah 2008
Dr. Rajaa J.Khalaf Sharjah 2009
Dr.Wasan Adnan Abdulhameed Sharjah 2009
Dr.Nidal Maky Alattia Abu Dhabi 2010
Dr.Ivana cmilic Marina 2014
United Kingdom        [Top]
Dr. Saudabi .V.V UK 2003
Dr D.B Patil UK 2005
Dr.Jyothi Raghavan UK 2006
Dr.Poonam Neetitara UK 2006
Dr. Ramesh Appiahanna UK 2007
Dr. K.Jayaprakashan UK 2010
Dr.Manoj Mohan UK 2010
USA        [Top]
Teressa Giya Albert USA 2009
South Africa

Dr.Folsade dolapo Haleemah   Lagos 2014

Dr. Usman Rahman Yahaya    Nigeria 2014
Dr. Munanda paneli paul          Nigeria 2014
Saudi Arabia

Dr.Gulnas Yousaf Makkah 2014
Sudan        [Top]
Dr. Elsir Abu Elhassan  Sudanne 2012

Dr. Meher Afroz  Dhaka  2012


M.R.M. Rishad 

Dr. Jayanga Tilakaratna

Dr. B.H. Perera

Srilanka Kandy 







Dr.Jameela Saad Al-Qahtani     Nahda 2014
NATIONAL       [Top]
Assam        [Top]
Dr. Prahlad Bordoli Dibrugarh 2011
Dr. Dipal das  Nalbar 2012
Dr. Mukal Barman  Nalbar              2012
Dr. Ranjith Kumar  Darrang 2012
Dr.JitendraKumar Nath  Kokrajhar 2012 
Dr. Ashok Kumar Doley  Goalpara 2012
Dr. Surat Zaman  Barapeta  2012
Dr. Madhurya Bez Barua Guwahati 1997
Dr. Hitendra Kalita Nalburi 2000
Dr. Manoj. K. Majumdar Hojai 2000
Dr. Rupjyoti Kalita Nagaon 2000
Dr. Balen Chandra Baishya Guwahati 2001
Dr. Niruj Kumar Das Duliajan 2001
Dr. Gunamani Mahanta Guwahati 2001
Dr. Gopal Kalitha Nalburi 2002
Dr.DeepakGoenka Guwahati 2004
Dr. Pradip Kumar Sarma Assam 2008
Dr. Manoj Duara Assam 2009
Dr. Sumita Gogoi Hazarika Tezpur 2009
Dr. Nabanita Deka Guwahati 2009
Dr. Juri Khanikar Guwahati 2009
Dr. Reea Bhuyan Guwahati 2009
Dr. Biva Goswami Guwahati 2009
Andra Pradesh

Dr. Anupama Kurnool 1996
Dr. Rajasekharan Kurnool 1996
Dr. Rema .V Warangal 1997
Dr. Yasmin Warangal 1997
Dr. Lakshmi Devi Hyderabad 1997
Dr. Padma Hyderabad 1997
Dr. Vani Cherukuri Secundarabad 1997
Dr. Narasimha Reddy Warangal 1998
Dr. L. Usha Rani Reddy Hyderabad 1998
Dr. Sailaja Chandu Guntur 1998
Dr. Shantha Krishnan Secundarabad 1999
Dr. Godappa Gowd Kurnool 1999
Dr. Andal Nellore 1999
Dr. G. Usha Rani Ramagundam 1999
Dr. Doppalapudi Rama Rao Khamman 2000
Dr. K. Nagamani Hyderabad 2000
Dr. Uma Jaiswaz Hyderabad 2001
Dr. A. Lakshmi Cudapah 2001
Dr. K. Suma Prasad Secunderabad 2001
Dr. Nidi Nair Hyderabad 2002
Dr. Y. Anandhalakshmy E.G.Dt. 2003
Dr. G. Remesh Vijayawada 2003
Dr.Navalur Venugopal AP 2003
Dr.Priyamvada Hyderabad 2003
Dr. Uma Challa Hyderabad 2003
Dr. Aruna Moparthi Guntur 2003
Dr. Y. Sailaja Guutur 2003
Dr. Anuradha AP 2003
Dr. Jacob Mathew Zachariah Ongole 2004
Dr. D.Leela Hyderabad 2004
Dr. G.Radhika Hyderabad 2004
Dr. Kamala Ongole 2005
Dr.Ravulapalli Surekha Khannam 2005
Dr K.Prasada Rao Nalgonda 2005
Dr K.Vasantha kumari Nalgonda 2005
Dr.K.Srikala Khamam 2006
Dr.Bharathi Routhu Visakhapatnam 2007
Dr.G.Aishwariya Tirupati 2007
Dr K.S Swamy Nisamabad 2007
Dr. Nagamani Hyderabad 2007
Dr V. Nirupama Hyderabad 2008
Dr. Nishi Agarwal Hyderabad 2008
Dr. Madhusree.K Warangal 2008
Dr M N V Pallavi Viskhapatnam 2009
Dr C. Obula Reddy Kadapa 2009
Dr. Priyadarshika Secundrabad 2009
Dr. Anuradha Murki Gandhi Nagar 2009
Dr. Anuradha.R.Lokare Bangalore 2009
Dr. K.Madava Rao Ananthapur 2009
Dr. Sreenivasa Reddy Ananthapur 2009
Dr.Naga Raju Nandyal 2009
Dr.N Suneetha Vijayawada 2010
Dr.Annavarapu Sreenivasa Rao Hyderabad 2010
Dr.A L Sailaja AP 2010
Dr. Kavitha Battula AP 2010
Dr.Saroj Patta AP 2010
Dr.Raja Lakshmi Gujju Visakhapatnam 2010
Dr.Kasturi AP 2010
Dr.V Sarojini AP 2010
Dr.G.Susmitha Hyderabad 2011
Dr.H Ushasree AP 2011
Dr. Prathima Biyyam  Kurnool 2012
Dr.  Kameswari                                    Kakinada  2013
Dr. Alpe Priya Ram                            Securdrahad 2013
Dr.Rukmangada Rao                       Madinaguda 2014
Dr.M .R  Rao                                    Miyapur 2014
Dr. Bojamma setti             Rajam 2014
Himachel Pradesh        [Top]
Dr. Jagadishwar Singh Kanwar Cina 2006
Dr. Amrish Kapoor Himachal Pradesh 2009
Hariyana State        [Top]
Dr. Ragini Gurgaon 1996
Dr. Subash Khanna Gurgaon 1998
Dr. Lalima Gupta Gurgaon 2005
Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal Haryana 2008
Jammu And Kashmir State        [Top]
Dr. Sanjay Gupta Akhnoor 2001
Dr. Ajay Wakhlod Trikuta 2001
Dr. Arun Arora Talab Tillo 2001
Maharashtra State        [Top]
Dr. Suhas Madhukar Kothvale Solapur 1996
Dr. Sunitha Solapur 1996
Dr. Sunil Tamhaskar Kolhapur 1998
Dr. Milind Pishawikar Kolhapur 1998
Dr. Sulbha Shirish Kulkarni Kolhapur 1999
Dr. Vidya Bharat Thakar Kolhapur 1999
Dr. Geeta Vijay Shah Kolhapur 1999
Dr. Ranjana Vilas Dhanu Mumbai 1999
Dr Vilas Dhanu Mumbai 1999
Dr. Rajendra Jaiswal Aurangabad 2000
Dr. Manjiri Kulkarni Pune 2000
Dr. Dinraj. B. Hegde Mumbai 2000
Dr. Asha Singhal Mumbai 2000
Dr. Dabade Rajeev. T Solapur 2000
Dr. Tadwalkar Bharati. S Solapur 2000
Dr. Sadhana Pramod Deshmukh Solapur 2000
Dr. Rajeev. M. Deshpande Satara 2000
Dr. Sujata Gundeware Solapur 2001
Dr. Juthica Aurangabad 2001
Dr.Manik Ambily Gurram Solapur 2001
Dr. Meena. S. Jinturkar Osmanabad 2001
Dr. Milind Patil Solapur 2001
Dr. Prasad Janardhan Kamath Dombivili 2001
Dr. Madhuri Rajeev Dabade Solapur 2001
Dr. Immadi Jyothirmayi Solapur 2001
Dr. Kanan Avinash Yelikar Aurangabad 2001
Dr. Manju Percy Jilla Aurangabad 2001
Dr. Ashok Pandurang Kathare Osmanabad 2001
Dr. Shailesh Babasaheb Patil Solapur 2003
Dr. Abhijit Jayant Kulkarni Solapur 2003
Dr.Deepak Jagtap Ahemmednagar 2003
Dr.Gautam Raje Ahemednagar 2003
Dr. Deepa Uday More Solapur 2003
Dr. By. Yadav Solapur 2003
Dr. Yadav Pallavi Babanrao Solapur 2003
Dr. Mrs Ruta D.Raut Pune 2003
Dr. Varsha Nitin Phadke Kalyan (W) 2003
Dr. Agrawal Suresh Kumar Raipur 2003
Dr. Mandhar Suresh Deshpande Ichalkaranji 2003
Dr. Santhosh Kirloskar Pune 2003
Dr. Chincholi .K.S Omerga 2003
Dr. Mugale Anant Vasantrao Osmanbad 2003
Dr. Mandar Chavan Bazar Peth 2003
Dr. Sandesh Kade Solapur 2003
Dr. Rajan Surendra Vaidya Maharashtra 2003
Dr. Bhingare Prashant Nanded 2003
Dr. Narwadkar Rajesh Vinayaakrao Latur 2003
Dr. Smita D Ketkar AhemedNagar 2003
Dr. Uma Shirish Valsangkar Solapur 2003
Dr.Rajesh V. Darade Mumbai 2004
Dr.Shashikant Vasant Nasik 2004
Dr. Vivek Suresh Salumke West Mumbai 2004
Dr.Prasanth Mumbai 2004
Dr. Choudhari VeerBhadra Suresh Nanded 2004
Dr. ChetanaAjeet Gopchade Nanded 2004
Dr. Aparna Vikrant Shah Maharashtra 2004
Dr. Chandock Amarbaj Ranbir Singh Mumbai 2004
Dr. A.R. Mahale Nanded 2004
Dr. Chitra Glande Maharashtra 2004
Dr.Vikas Ramachandra Dhanu Mumbai 2004
Dr.M.G Deshmukh Nanded 2004
Dr.Ranjeet S. Kelker Solapur 2004
Dr.SandeepMotilalKatariya Pune 2004
Dr. Minal Patil Nanded 2005
Dr. Sndesh Sankhe Thane 2005
Dr. Shiri shakarVijay Vitthal Thane 2005
Dr. Prasad P Agashe Pune 2005
Dr. Santhosh Gurubosappa Katte Nanded 2005
Dr. Renuka Varshneya Mumbai 2005
Dr.Kavita Ganatra Mumbai 2005
Dr Sachin S suganawar Miraj 2005
Dr. Nafeesa Sultana Aurangabad 2005
Dr.Pritee Mnish Katruwar Nanded 2005
Dr. MangeshVinayak Narwadkar Nanded 2005
Dr. Mita Walimbe Thane 2005
Dr.Archana S.Shah Solapur 2005
Dr.Amit S.Naik Nasik 2005
Dr.Aanchal R Agrawal Ahmednagar 2005
Dr.Vikas Dayanath Mishra Mumbai 2006
Dr.Chaudhari Dipak Rupsingh Jalgaon 2006
Dr.Prakash L.Kothawale Pune 2006
Dr.Vaishali S.Ingale Pune 2006
Dr.Santhosh M.Shinde Mumbai 2006
Dr.Madhuri S Bendle Chandrapur 2006
Dr.Anil Gopinath Bendre Ahmednagar 2006
Dr.Monika Sangemnerkar Pune 2007
Dr. Sachin Arvind Sangamnerkar Pune 2007
Dr. Chandrakant M Sankalecha Nasik 2007
Dr. Jolly P Achnani Mumbai 2007
Dr. Anil Laxman. K Mumbai 2007
Dr.Pratima H. Anjaria Mumbai 2007
Dr. Nikkil Shah Mumbai 2007
Dr. Pravina Pralhad Mumbai 2007
Dr. Shefali Mahesh Tuptewar Mumbai 2007
Dr.Patil Bapusaheb Satgonda Kolhapur 2007
Dr. Chavan Santosh Muralidhar Thane 2008
Dr. Ashok kumar.N Mumbai 2008
Dr.Shilpa Chitnis Joshi Pune 2008
Dr. Nilesh S. Karpe Sangamner 2008
Dr.Pratibha Mudholkar Pune 2008
Dr.Ghumare Jitendra Pondlik Dhule 2008
Dr. Bhushan Prakash Patil 2008
Dr.Laxmichaya N.Nikale Navi Mumbai 2008
Dr. Prashant G Purohit Pune 2009
Dr. Sailatha Ramanujan Mumbai 2009
Dr. Aditi Parmar Mumbai 2009
Dr. Bernaditte.B.Godad Kolhapur 2009
Dr.Bhagyasree.P Sangli 2009
Dr.Rajeev V Punjabi Mumbai 2009
Dr.Raju R Sahetya Mumbai 2009
Dr.GeethaDharmesh Balsarkar Mumbai 2009
Dr.S.Bhalerao Mumbai 2009
Dr.Aniket.S.Kakade Pune 2010
Dr.Kalayani S Wasnic Mumbai 2010
Dr.Chordiya Praveen binjaraj Pune 2010
Dr.Himangi S Warke Mumbai 2010
Dr.Varsha Kose Nagpur 2010
Dr.Ashwini Nabar Mumbai 2010
Dr.Avinash Atole Pune 2011
Dr.Priti Mayank Patel Nasik 2011
Dr.Priti Mayank Patel Nasik 2011
Dr. Anuradha H Sarode Pune 2011
Dr. Rohini H. Gadhikar Pune 2011
Dr. Nandini Shete Pune 2011
Dr. Joshi Prasad V Tane 2011
Dr.Anagha Amod Gadikar Latur 2011
Dr. Bagul K.T Nasik 2011
Dr. Duha Sudhiwal Rajput Mumbai 2011
Dr. Ashwini Dhananjay Kalyankar Mumbai 2012
Dr. Kesava Pai Panvel 2012
Dr. Ashwini Dhananjay Kalyankar Mumbai 2012
Dr. Madan Krishna Kumble Solapure 2012
Dr. Saurabh Sudan Patil Nashik 2012
Dr. Prajakta Saurabh Kubde Nagpur 2012
Dr. Nitu Hedaoo Nagpur 2012
Dr. Raziya Yunus Parekh Nagpur 2012
Dr. Suyash J Shah Pune 2012
Dr. Khabale Shivaji raoChhacan Pune 2012
Dr. Piyush A Kulkarni Pune 2012
Dr.Raziya Nagpur 2012
Dr.Dipali Dharmesh Mumbai 2012
Dr. Anmol Mehra Mumbai 2013
Dr. Anuradha H Sarode  Pune 2011
Dr. Rohini H. Gadhikar Pune 2011
Dr. Nandini Shete Pune 2011
Dr. Joshi Prasad V  Tane 2011
Dr.Anagha Amod Gadikar Latur 2011
Dr. Bagul K.T Nasik 2011
Dr. Duha Sudhiwal Rajput  Mumbai 2011
Dr. Ashwini Dhananjay Kalyankar Mumbai 2012
Dr. Kesava Pai Panvel 2012
Dr. Ashwini  Dhananjay  Kalyankar  Mumbai 2012
Dr. Madan Krishna  Kumble  Solapure 2012
Dr. Saurabh Sudan Patil  Nashik  2012
Dr. PraJakta Saurabh  Kubde Nagpur 2012
Dr. Nitu Hedaoo Nagpur  2012
Dr. Raziya Yunus Parekh Nagpur             2012
Dr. Suyash J Shah  Pune 2012
Dr. Khabale Shivaji Rao Chhacan Pune  2012
Dr. Piyush A  Kulkarni  Pune 2012 
Dr.Raziya                                             Nagpur 2012
Dr.Dipali  Dharmesh                            Mumbai 2012
Dr. Anmol Mehra                      Mumbai 2013
Dr. Anuradha Arikar                Osmanbad 2013
Dr.Meenal Pathak                    Mumbai   2013
Dr.Vasumati.s.Upadhaye      Mumbai 2013
Dr.Shwetha.s.Patil                 Mumbai  2013 
Dr.Sheetal Pandey                  Thane   2013
Dr.Ashwani Darrde                  kalyan 2013
Dr.Prachi Gandhi Jain                               Auangabad 2014
Dr. Rahul v patil    Jalagon  2014
Dr. kunal Doshi       Mumbai 2014
Dr Amruta Acharekar                                Mumbai   2014
Orissa State        [Top]
Dr. Sneha Panday Angul 2000
Dr. R. K. Mallick Jagatsinghpur 2001
Dr. Pratima Behera Jagasinghpur 2001
Dr. D.R Mishra Rourkela 2004
Dr.Kali charan Murmu Jharsuguda 2007
Dr. Jita Parija Cuttak 2011
Dr.Ajith Kumar Cuttak 2013
Dr.Ajith Kumar Cuttak 2013
Dr.Tanya Jena Bhubaneswar 2014
Dr.Sheetal Agarwal Bhubaneswar 2014
Dr. Babita panda Cuttack 2014
Dr.S deAlwis S Colombo 2011
Madhya Pradesh State        [Top]
Dr. Mangala Athawali Indore 1998
Dr. Ramakrishna Bhattacharya Bilaspur 1999
Dr. Jayashree Beedhar Bhopal 1999
Dr. Meeta Agarwal Bhopal 1999
Dr. Monikan Jain Gwalior 1999
Dr. Sangeetha Shrivastava Jabalpur 2000
Dr. Pragya R. Dhirawani Jabalpur 2000
Dr. Kusum. J. Singh Indore 2001
Dr. Sarvesh Saxena MP 2005
Dr.Roopa Lalwani Katni 2006
Dr. Sunita Chouhan Indore 2009
Dr.RekhaVimal Gupta Indore 2009
Dr.HemaJajoo Indore 2010
Dr.Subangi Indore 2010
Dr.Farhet Pathan Indore 2014
Dr. Renuka Gupta Indore 2014
Tamil Nadu State        [Top]
Dr. Brindha Chidambaram  
Dr.N. Kamalesware Chennai 1998
Dr . Reena Abraham Coimbatore 1998
Dr. Nirmala Jayasankar Chennai  
Dr. Remani Rajendann Chennai  
Dr. P. Dhanya Kumari Neyveli  
Dr. Manonmani Neyveli  
Dr. Dhanabhgyam Erode  
Dr.P. Tulasi Raman Neyveli  
D.r. J. Theresita Neyveli  
Dr. Sudha Radhakrishnan Neyveli  
Dr. Nalini Prasad 1 Chennai  
Dr. Shameemunnisa Erode 1999
Dr. Hemalatha Pugalendhi Chennai 1999
Dr. Sangamithray Chennai 1999
Dr. Radha Ben Neyveli 1999
Dr. E.S. Usha Erode 2000
Dr. S. Meena Tirunelveli 2000
Dr. D. Senthamarai Selvi Dindigul 2000
Dr. G. Lakshmi Devi Chennai 2000
Dr. N.V. Mohan Perunduai 2000
Dr. R. Renuka Devi Coimbatore 2000
Dr. K.U. Bhavani Salem 2000
Dr. Subhashini. N. Chennai 2000
Dr. P. Prabhavathy Devi Erode 2000
Dr. N. Poongathai Erode 2000
Dr. S. Manjula Chennai 2000
Dr. R. Rajalakshmi Chennai 2000
Dr. N. V. Mohan Erode 2000
Dr. J. Deepa Chennai 2001
Dr. Kalpana. K Salem 2001
Dr. A. P. Selvam Chinnalapatti 2002
Dr. P. Karthikeyan Chennai 2002
Dr. K. Sangeetha Erode 2002
Dr. J. Anjana Chennai 2001
Dr. K. K. Kalpana Sampath Salem 2001
Dr. N. Vidya Chennai 2001
Dr. R. Karthigayani Tiruvannamalai 2001
Dr. G. Uma Shanthi Chennai 2001
Dr. P. R. Rani Chennai 2001
Dr. Uma Krishnan Salem 2001
Dr. Vivek Mady Chennai 2001
Dr. T.S. Meena Chennai 2003
Dr. UmaSundari N Chengalpet 2003
Dr.Sarala G Rajan Chennai 2003
Dr. Karpagam Murali Coimbatore 2003
Dr. S. Kruna Seerappan Coimbatore 2003
Dr. Vimala Vadivel Dindigul 2003
Dr.K.SundaraMeenakshi Salem 2004
Dr. Nalini Coimbatore 2004
Dr. Sampath Kumar Coimbatore 2004
Dr. Kavitha Chennai 2004
Dr.V.Rajalakshmi Chennai 2004
Dr.Sharmila Ramraj Coimbatore 2004
Dr.Sandhya .R Chennai 2004
Dr .Uma Bharathi Salem 2004
Dr.Subrat Pande Chidambharam 2004
Dr. C. Srikant Reddy Tirupati 2004
Dr.A.Wahida Banu Salem 2004
Dr. M . Hemalatha Madurai 2004
Dr N.Thamizhselvi Chennai 2005
Dr. Srikala Prasad Chennai 2005
Dr K. Sowmya Chennai 2005
Dr V.Tara Chennai 2005
Dr.K.MuthuKumar Namakkal 2005
Dr.Shweta Mylapore 2006
Dr.K.Shanmughavadivu Kallakurichi 2006
Dr.Sumana Sen Coimbatore 2006
Dr.Bharathi K.K Erode 2006
Dr.Preetha Madhan Chennai 2006
Dr.Geetha Anand Chennai 2006
Dr.Jayanthi Mohan Chennai 2006
Dr.Helen.P Madurai 2006
Dr.M. Shivasundari Chennai 2006
Dr V.Radha Chennai 2006
Dr.Mahalakshmi Sivakumar Madurai 2006
Dr.Sumathi Senthilkumar Salem 2007
Dr.Suganya Devi Madurai 2007
Dr.Sonali Sood Chennai 2007
Dr G.N Vasantha lakshmi Chennai 2007
Dr. Sauy Mary Abraham Mangalore 2007
Dr M. Elamurugaraja Salem 2007
Dr. Siva Sathya Dharma Thirunelveli 2007
Dr R.Uma Karur 2007
Dr. Geetha Mahadevan Chennai 2007
Dr. Kavita Chenthil Tirunelveli 2007
Dr T.Chenthil Siva Muthu Tirunelveli 2007
Dr M.Ravindran Kallakurchi 2007
Dr. Lakshmi Purushothaman Chennai 2008
Dr. P..Kondammal Chennai 2008
Dr . Vasundara Jaganathan Chennai 2008
Dr R. Padma Chennai 2008
Dr. P.Rajalakshmi Chennai 2008
Dr. Sujatha Karur 2008
Dr. Susan Packiaraj Madurai 2008
Dr.Jayanthi   2008
Dr S. Kavitha Tamilnadu 2008
Dr R. Stellarani Tamilnadu 2008
Dr. G. Ramya Tamilnadu 2009
Dr. Vijayavani Chennai 2009
Dr. V. Veenarani Tirukollur 2009
Dr A.K Venktaraman Tirukollur 2009
Dr S.Padma priya Chennai 2009
Dr.Mythily Chennai 2009
Dr.M.Gayathri Madurai 2009
Dr.VaralakshmiGopinath Anna Nagar 2009
Dr.Anitha.S Vellore 2009
Dr.Sumithra Sundararaman Chennai 2009
Dr.Sathya.B Chennai 2009
Dr.A.V.Gokul Thirunelveli 2009
Dr.RubinaShanawaz Chennai 2009
Dr.V.SenthamilSelvi Chennai 2009
Dr.N.Chithra Chennai 2009
Dr.S S Gayathri Devi Chennai 2010
Dr.RekhaRajesh Chennai 2010
Dr.Santhi.R Tamilnadu 2010
Dr.C Sridhar Tamilnadu 2010
Dr.A Deepa Tamilnadu 2010
Dr.R Anitha Chennai 2010
Dr.M.S Manicka Devi Chennai 2010
Dr.Vidya Prem R Tirupur 2010
Dr. K M Kundavi Shankar Adyar 2010
Dr.P B Sudarshan Chennai 2010
Dr.Brindha K R Tamilnadu 2010
Dr.Vijaya Meenakshi Vellore 2010
Dr.P Muthu Prabha Tamilnadu 2010
Dr.Maya Menon Chennai 2010
Dr.Lakshmi S Tamilnadu 2010
Dr.Vinutha Arunachalam Chennai 2010
Dr.Malar K T Chennai 2010
Dr. H B Balasubashini Tamilnadu 2011
Dr.A Rajeswari Vittupuram 2011
Dr.Rani V Chittakrapete 2011
Dr.A Shakeela Baanu Ariyalur 2011
Dr. G.K. Poomalar Pondy  2011
Dr. Sujithra Devi Pondy  2011
Dr. Abhishek Erode  2011
Dr. Vennila M  Erode 2011

Dr. V. Priya  Trichy 2011
Dr. R. Vijila Kumbakonam 2011
Dr.  M.Nagamani Trichy 2011
Dr. Vishnu Vandana Chennai  2011
Dr. Sivakumar  Chennai 2011
Dr. Nazier Sadique  Egmore  2011
Dr. Rathna Madurai 2011
Dr. Indhra Nedumaran Chennai  2011
Dr. Kanimozhi Chennai  2011
Dr. M. Priya Chennai  2011
Dr. Rahini Vellore             2011
Dr. S.Thirumuruganand Chennai 2012
Dr. Parimaladevi                                   Madurai 2012
Dr. Kalaivani                                         Chekanoorani   2012
Dr. Padmaja                                          Chetepet  2012
Dr.Deveremya                                                                                                               Toothukudi  2012
Dr .Lavanya                                                                                 Thiruvanmiyur 2012
Dr. P.  Devika                                                                                 Kolathur 2012
Dr. J.R Priya  Darshini                                         Coimbatore  2012
Dr. Kothai Kamatchi                                                                    Coimbatore  2012
Dr. Kavitha   Maliswamy                                                         Coimbatore  2012
Dr.Karthiga   Prabhu                                                               Chennai  2012
Dr..Raja A.S                                                                                  Coimbatore 2012
Dr.Rajeswari                                         Chennai  2012
Dr. B. Arivarasi                                        Thanjavur 2012
Dr. Maheshwari. B                                       Thanjavur 2012
Dr. Indra Nedumaran                                         Chennai 2012
Dr. Ramani                                        Vellore 2012
Dr. Hena Teka kumaraswamy                                       Madurai  2012
Dr. B. Arivarasi                                      Thanjavur      2012
Dr. Rahini                                  Vellore 2012
Dr. Hemalekha  Kumaraswamy                                          Madurai  2012
Dr. T Parimala devi                                        Madurai 2012
Dr. Padmaja . V                                          Chennai 2012
Dr. Sangeetha Shanmugam                                        Erode 2012
Dr. Padmaja                                          Chetepet  2012
Dr.Deveremya                                                                               Toothukudi  2012
Dr .Lavanya                                                                                    Thiruvanmiyur  2012
Dr. P.  Devika                                                                              Kolathur  2012
Dr. J.R. Priya Dharsini                                         Coimbatore 2012
Dr. Kothai Kamatchi                                                                      Coimbatore 2012
Dr. Kavitha  Maliswamy                                                               Coimbatore 2012
Dr.Karthiga  Prabhu                                                                Chennai  2012
Dr..Raja A.S                                                                                  Coimbatore 2012
Dr.Rajeswari                                        Chennai  2012
Dr. B. Arivarasi                                          Thanjavur  2012
Dr. Maheshwari. B                                         Thanjavur 2012
Dr. Indra Nedumaran                                           Chennai  2012
Dr. Ramani                                          Vellore   2012
Dr. Hena Teka kumaraswamy                                         Madurai   2012
Dr. B. Arivarasi                                          Thanjavur   2012
Dr. Rahini                                          Vellore   2012
Dr. Hemalekha  Kumaraswamy                                           Madurai  2012
Dr. T Parimala devi                                         Madurai   2012
Dr. Padmaja . V                                           Chennai  2012
Dr. Sangeetha Shanmugam                                       Erode 2012
Dr. Shobana Mahadevan                                        Chennai   2012
Dr. Saroja Veluswamy                                          Dindigul  2012
Dr. N. Vanathi                                     Trichy  2013
Dr. Subathra                                         Trichy  2013
Dr. G. Arathi                                        Trichy  2013
Dr. S. Nalini                                            2013
Dr. G. Indumathi                                         Chennai  2013
Dr. Gopalakrishnan                                          Madurai 2013
Dr. Abinaya                                                                Chennai  2013
Dr. R. Padmapriya                                                    Chennai   2013
Dr. D  Vani                                                                 Kundalore 2013
Dr. Suvi ka. M                                                            Gullupuram  2013
Dr. E Sucharitha                                                       Chennai  2013
Dr. Gowri Manohari S                                                            Chennai 2013
Dr. Remya Kartikeyan                                                                                                         2013
Dr. Senthamil  Sevi                                                               Chennai  2013
Dr. Saravana Kumar                                                               Salem  2013
Dr. Poongataai Sevaraj                                                          Tirupur  2013
Dr. S. Manjula                                                                       Chennai  2013
Dr. S Kamala Veni                                                                     Erode 2013
Dr. H Zeenath                                                                         Salem 2013
Dr. Litto John                                                                             Trichur 2013
Dr.  Navya  vavuluru                                                       Tiuruipati 2013
Dr.Sathiyakala                                                                 Mangadu  2013
Dr. S Girija                                                                          Thirunelveli  2013
Dr. P Sumathi                                                                  Salem 2013
Dr.V.Meera Bhai                                                                  Coimbatore  2013
Dr.Anandaraj                                                                            Pondicherry 2014
Dr.K.L.Malarvizhi                                                                    Chennai 2014
Dr.Thendrel                                                                               Chennai 2014
Dr. E Sucharitha                                                       Chennai  2013
Dr. Gowri Manohari S                                                             Chennai 2013
Dr. Remya Kartikeyan                                                                                                        Chennai  2013
Dr. Senthamil  Sevi                                                                 Chennai  2013
Dr. Saravana Kumar                                                              Salem 2013
Dr. Poongataai Sevaraj                                                         Tirupur 2013
Dr. S. Manjula                                                                     Chennai 2013
Dr. S Kamala Veni                                                                      Erode  2013
Dr. H Zeenath                                                                        Chennai  2013
Dr. Litto John                                                                              Trichur  2013
Dr. Navya  vavuluru                                                           Tiuruipati  2013
Dr. Sathiyakala                                                                 Mangadu 2013
Dr. S Girija                                                                          Thirunelveli    2013
Dr. P Sumathi                                                                   Salem  2013
Dr.V.Meera Bhai                                                                  Coimbatore  2013
Dr.Anandaraj                                                                            Pondicherry 2014
Dr.K.L.Malarvizhi                                                                     Chennai 2014
Dr.Thendrel                                                                              Chennai  2014
Dr.Nalina                                                                                   Chennai  2014
Dr.E.Vijayalakshmi                                                                Chennai 2014
Dr.S.Rajasri                                                                                  Chennai  2014
Dr.M.Rathna                                                                               Chennai  2014
Dr.Manjula                                                                                 Thiruppur 2014
Dr.M.Kanmani                                                                                                     Coimbathore 2014
Dr.J.Suganthi                                                                                                       Thanjavur 2014
Dr. Geetha                                                                                                    Genau Reddys      2014
Dr. Sumangali T                                                                                        Coimbatore 2014
Dr. V. Sudha                                                                                              Villupuram 2014
Dr.C.Shanmugha Priya                                                                                     Chennai   2014
Dr.K.Ramya                                                                                                 Dharmapuri  2014
Dr.Rupalatha                                                                                                    Kanchipuram 2014
Dr.Niranjan                                                                                                                   Kanchipuram 2014
Dr. Sangamithirai                                                                                           Salem 2014
Dr. Rathi sathiyan                                                                                          Chennai 2014
Dr. V. Ejilarassy Prasanna                                                                                    Chennai 2014
Pondichery State        [Top]
Dr. Mini Ravi Pondichery 1999
Dr.Gnana Sanker.N Pondicherry 2004
Dr.J.Chitra Banu Pondicherry 2006
Dr.Dilip Kumar Maurya Pondicherry 2007
Dr M.Tamizharasi Pondicherry 2008
Dr. Varalakshmi Gopinath Pondicherry 2009
Dr.K R Chellamme Pondicherry 2010
Dr. Priya Dharshini Vadivel Pondicherry 2012
Dr. Amiben vat Salgajera Pondicherry 2013
Gujarat State        [Top]
Dr. Rupal.N. Shah Surat 1999
Dr. Dinesh. M. Patel Himmatnagar 2000
Dr. Sanjay. S. Patel Mehsana 2000
Dr. Sanjay Ratilal Shah Modusa 2000
Dr. Amita Bhatt Rajkot 2000
Dr. Ratibhai Gopaldas Patel Patan 2000
Dr. Udayan. S. Sha Kadi 2000
Dr. Tejash. V. Dave Gujarat 2000
Dr. Supriya Rajeev Ahemedabad 2000
Dr. Dilip. S. Devada Baroda 2001
Dr. Sapana Rameshbhai Shah Paldi 2001
Dr. Sheela. A. Shah Surat 2001
Dr. Jagruti Yogesh Desai Surat 2001
Dr. Biren .P. Soni Vadodara 2001
Dr. Priya Gore Ahmedabad 2001
Dr. Meena. Y. Jhala Ahemadabad 2002
Dr. Bhavna. A. Rajan Surat 2002
Dr. Nila Ajay Mehta Surat 2002
Dr. Yogendra. Jhala Ahmedabad 2002
Dr. Kalpana P Patel Ahmedabad 2003
Dr. Mita R Adroja Ahmedabad 2003
Dr. Shah Sanjay Jayanthi lal Gujarat 2003
Dr. Samir Anil Kumar Thakkar Ahemedabad 2003
Dr.TarlikaB.Gokani Surat 2004
Dr. Nilesh H Shah Ahmedabad 2005
Dr. Mruga Ashwinbhai Pancholi Surat 2005
Dr. Sandip Ganpatsingh Parmar Gujarat 2005
Dr.Nitin Jayantilal lal Porbander 2005
Dr.Gopal N Vekariya   2006
Dr.Jayesh R.Patel Ahmedabad 2006
Dr.Siddharth P Jain Baroda 2006
Dr.Kavita A . Varia Suart 2007
Dr.Bhavana Parikh Kosamba 2007
Dr.Shital Patil 2007
Dr. Nandita Maitra Baroda 2007
Dr.Rashmi Pradhan Surat 2007
Dr. Sangamm V.Patil Koppal 2007
Dr. Sejal A. Naik Surat 2008
Dr. Nilam K Patel Surat 2009
Dr. Drashti Ritesh Patel Surat 2009
Dr. Anjani Shrivastava Surat 2009
Dr. Bhaumik G.Shah   2009
Dr. Hardik K.Shah Potan 2009
Dr. Anjani Shrivastava Surat 2009
Dr.Alok Goyal Surat 2009
Dr.Surabhi.T.Vengad Kutch 2010
Dr. Shwetha Shah vododara 2011
Dr. Gautam Vyas Surat 2011
Dr.Hitesh Shah Vadodara 2012
Dr. Shruti Manchanda Surat 2012
Dr. Dipali Dharmesh Mevawala Surat 2012
Dr. Jayesh A Patel Ahemedabad 2013
Dr. Patel Shuchim Umesbhai   2013
Dr. Narendra . H. Shiroya Surat 2013
Dr. Ashok Bhadiyadra Surat 2013
Dr. Aman N Mukhi Junagadh 2014
Dr. Ashish c panchal Narmada 2014
Dr. Ravji m Gundrasaniya Anjarkuch 2014
Dr. Dhaval R Garasia Rajghott 2014
Punjab State        [Top]
Dr. K.N.S. Dhillon Punjab 1999
Dr. Ranjana Gupta Pattiala 1999
Dr. Sunil Kumar Juneja Ludhiana 2000
Dr. Sonia Kamboj Jalandhar 2003
Dr. Seerat Malhotra Ludhiana 2003
Dr.Mary Abraham Ludhiana 2004
Dr.Rupinder Dhaliwal Punjab 2006
Dr.Maninder Kaur Punjab 2006
Reena Garg Patiala 2012
Dr. Bharati Kumari Amritsar 2013
Kerala State        [Top]
Dr. Sobha Mohandas Trichur 1995
Dr. Jayanthi Raghavan Calicut  
Dr. Ramesh    
Dr. K.V Rafee Thalassery  
Dr. Pappchan Pathanamthitta  
Dr. Raji    
Dr.(Col) Balakrishnan Calicut  
Dr. Hariprasad    
Dr. Sr. Marcellus Kidangoor  
Dr. Poornima Kammath Kasargod  
Dr. Suja Bobby Wadakancherry 1997
Dr. Pushpa Bhat Kasargod 1997
Dr. Malthy Madhavan Kasargod 1997
Dr. Aysha Trivandrum 1997
Dr. Lekshmi Trichur 1997
Dr. K.K Retnamma Calicut 1997
Dr. Sreedevi Trichur 1997
Dr. Ajitha kmari Alapuzha 1997
Dr. Radha . P.N Trichur 1997
Dr. Reena Jolly Kozhenchery 1997
Dr. Soorya Thrissur 1997
Dr. Sujatha M Thrissur 1997
Dr. Sulochana Calicut 1997
Dr. Mini Calicut 1997
Dr. Padma    
Dr. Jaipal Johnson Kottayam 1997
Dr. Prakash Chalakudy 1997
Dr. Anitha Asok Calicut 1997
Dr.Usha devi Aluva 1997
Dr. Prema Menon Trichur 1997
Dr. Bala TVM 1997
Dr. Kunjumoideen Malapuram 1997
Dr.Geeta t. Kottayam 1997
Dr.Annamma Cochin 1997
Dr. Sreedevi M.D Calicut 1997
Dr. Valsa Thomas Angamaly 1997
Dr. Lalitha Panicker Plaghat 1997
Dr. Yamuna Angamaly 1997
Dr. Sathi John   1997
Dr. Deepthi   1997
Dr. Lisamma Cochin 1997
Dr. Haridas Malapuram 1997
Dr. Kumari Angamaly 1997
Dr. Anne George Trichur 1997
Dr. Rema   1998
Dr. Prem George Alwaye 1998
Dr. Meena soman Thodupuzha 1998
Dr. Geeta Kanghazha 1998
Dr. Anto t. Joseph Ollur 1998
Dr. Beena Varghese Kottaym 1998
Dr. Sujamole Jacob Calicut 1998
Dr. Laiza Jayadevan Trichur 1998
Dr. Mini . V.V TVM 1998
Dr. Meera V. TVM 1998
Dr. Ajay Kumar Trichur 1998
Dr. Jyothi Remesh Chandran Calicut 1998
Dr. Rajni B.P. Calicut 1998
Dr. K.O.Radhamani Calicut 1998
Dr. Narayanan Subramanian Palakkad 1998
Dr. Raj Mohan Kottayam 1998
Dr. Sr. Mary Kutty Kottayam 1998
Dr. Amy D, Souza Ernakulam 1998
Dr. Radhamani .K.O Calicut 1998
Dr. T. Nalini Ayyappan Trichur 1998
Dr. Tessy Jose Kodungallur 1998
Dr. Jude Jose Ernakulam 1998
Dr. Prema Menon Cochin 1999
Dr. T.K. Ambily Trichur 1999
Dr. Zareena Aligiers Alwaye  
Dr. M. Sreeram Vavvakavu 1999
Dr. Devika Ravi.B. Trivandrum 1999
Dr. Sitalakshmi.A. Trichur 1999
Dr. Hema Warrier Palakkad 1999
Dr. Ansamma Mathew Kottayam 1999
Dr. Deepa Menon Trichur 1999
Dr. Jaitha John Cochin 1999
Dr. Prameela Philip Ranny  
Dr. Ajith. S. Alapuzha  
Dr. Narasimha Swamy. N. Kollam 1999
Dr. Vijayakumar Veeramani Trichur 1999
Dr. Hema. K.P. Cochin  
Dr. Susana Mohan Cochin 2000
Dr. V. Miny Trichur 2000
Dr. K. Rajalakshmi Malapuram 2000
Dr. Tajimol Antony Kothamangalam 2000
Dr. Binnu. K.P. Malappuram 2000
Dr. Lakshmi. B.S. Trivandrum 2000
Dr. Mini Isac Ernakulam 2000
Dr. Iean John Kottayam 2000
Dr. Roja Shajitd> Tellicherry 2000
Dr. T. Nazer Calicut 2000
Dr. Geeta. V. Balan Paravoor 2000
Dr. P. Manjula Trichur 2000
Dr. Sudha.S. Cochin 2000
Dr. Hari Kumar. G. Kollam 2000
Dr. Veena Choodamani Cochin 2000
Dr. Jyothi Lakshmi. S TVM 2000
Dr. Sherly Mathen Ernakulam 2001
Dr. Ajay Kumar Kannur 2001
Dr. Beena Devasy Trichur 2001
Dr. Ramesh Kottayam 2001
Dr. Deepa. P TVM 2001
Dr. Litty Joseph Kottayam 2001
Dr. Rema Devi. S. Kollam 2001
Dr. P.S. Nishi Parur 2001
Dr. Mary Joseph Alwaye 2001
Dr. Mathew Koshy Koodal 2001
Dr. Maya Shenoy. M Kasargod 2001
Dr. P.C. Cherian Thiruvalla 2001
Dr. Dr. Rajani Devadas Pattambi 2001
Dr. Susan John Irimpanam 2001
Dr. Subhash.V. R. Mathilakam 2001
Dr. Urmila Kozhenchery 2001
Dr. Meera Kollam 2001
Dr. Sudha Menon Palaghat 2002
Dr. Tessy Jose Kannur 2002
Dr. P.G. Sreedevi Kozhencherry 2002
Dr. Geetha Sashikumar Calicut 2002
Dr. Razia .O Malapuram 2003
Dr. M.N. Soman Aluva 2003
Dr. Safeena Anas Kollam 2003
Dr.Sukurthalatha .M Ernakulam 2003
Dr.Prema Nair Mavelikara 2003
Dr. Lima K. Pattani Kottayam 2003
Dr. Sujatha Methil Kottayam 2003
Dr. Remani Varghese Chenagannur 2003
Dr. Shameema K.V Trichur 2003
Dr. Lizzy Devadas Thripunithura 2003
Dr. Beena Nair G Pathanamthitta 2003
Dr.Rakhi Saby George Chegannaur 2003
Dr. PreethaRamdas Kanhangad 2003
Dr. A.P. Spacy Chalakudy 2003
Dr. Sunitha . C.V Thrissur 2003
Dr. Ranjith Ramakrishnan Tellicherry 2003
Dr. Meera Nair Trivandrum 2003
Dr. N. Nagendra Prasad Idukki 2003
Dr. B.S. Rathod Adimaly 2003
Dr.Geetha Thalekkara Perunmavoor 2003
Dr. Elizabth Abraham Angamaly 2003
Dr.Santha Thomas Ernakulam 2003
Dr. Mary Paul 2003
Dr. Thresia John Trichur 2003
Dr.Annie Thadicaren Trichur 2003
Dr. Betsy Thomas Kottayam 2004
Dr.Jayanthi.N Trivandrum 2004
Dr.Fessy Louis.T Edappal 2004
Dr. C.S Warrier Palakkad 2004
Dr.Rasna Raghunath Ernakulam 2004
Dr. S. Jayalakshmi Ettumanoor 2004
Dr. Shilpa Shivanna Calicut 2004
Dr.Krishnananda Mallya Palakkad 2004
Dr. Kuruvilla P. Chacko Kottayam 2004
Dr. John Jacob Tharayil Trichur 2004
Dr. Johnson Joseph . K Kottayam 2004
Dr. Suja Issac Kayamkulam 2004
Dr. Manjusha Viswanathan Trivandrum 2004
Dr. Maryamma J. Thomas Pathanamthitta 2004
Dr.Bernadette Punnoose Trichur 2004
Dr.Suma Thomas Piravom 2004
Dr.Lakshmy .R Trivandrum 2004
Dr. Rishu Tandon Kolenchery 2004
Dr Ajith.S Kannur 2004
Dr. Latika Sukumaran Perumbavoor 2005
Dr.Sunitha .R Kollam 2005
Dr.Salim C Eapen Pathanamthitta 2005
Dr. Sreekrishna rao Ottappalam 2005
Dr. Shyama Daniel Thiruvalla 2005
Dr Mariam M Kunjachen Cochin 2005
Dr. Mary Jacob Kottayam 2005
Dr V.T Michael Kottayam 2005
Dr. Mariam Mathew Ernakulam 2005
Dr.Geetha Mekoth Kannur 2005
Dr. Beena.B Trivandrum 2005
Dr. Asha S. Jerome Kottayam 2005
Dr.Shirley Joy Panicker Perumbavoor 2005
Dr Aruna Manyam Pachalam 2005
Dr. Nurual Ameen. A.M Kasargod 2005
Dr.Lekshmi B.Unni Trivandrum 2005
Dr.Louis Parakkal Thrissur 2005
Dr.Rekha Remadevi Mavelikkara 2006
Dr.Sr.Gracy Kottayam 2006
Dr.Bindu Palakkad 2006
Dr.Haritha Kannur 2006
Dr.Bindu G.Nair Ernakulam 2006
Dr.K.Tulasi Thrissur 2006
Dr.Jyothi Mary Jose Thrissur 2006
Dr.Sreeja.V Tellicherry 2006
Dr.Jamalunnisa Gaffar Edappally 2006
Dr.Bindhu Nambisan Aluva 2006
Dr.Jaiganesh Elamakkara 2006
Dr.Bindu Mary George Cherthala 2006
Dr.Saleena Moidenkutty Calicut 2007
Dr.Priya.V Thripunithura 2007
Dr.Bijoy Balakrishnan Thrissur 2007
Dr. Divya Prasad Trivandrum 2007
Dr.Tity Chacko Trivandrum 2007
Dr. Sajira Bhasi Cochin 2007
Dr. Mercy David Idukki 2007
Dr.Mariamma Koshy Idukki 2007
Dr. Rekha Sunil Kottayam 2007
Dr. Wilma Palakad 2008
Dr. Josephine Jose Thiruvalla 2008
Dr. Swapna Mohan Cochin 2008
Dr. Sathi M.S Kottayam 2008
Dr. Maria George Changanacherry 2008
Dr M. Sukumaran Alapuzha 2008
Sr.Dr. Jessy M. Antony Kottayam 2008
Dr. Cini Ramesh Cochin 2008
Dr. Selvi John Pazhamthottam 2008
Dr. Manoj Babu,R Kottayam 2008
Dr. Jayasree Madhavan Angamaly 2008
Dr. Kalpana Gopan Trivandrum 2009
Dr. Lekshmi Sivanandan Trivandrum 2009
Dr. C.V Jose Tripunithura 2009
Dr.Neetha Sreedharan Calicut 2009
Dr.Binu Sebastian Palakkad 2009
Dr.Sreekala.S Trivandrum 2009
Dr.Nimmy Bobby Palakkad 2009
Dr.Vinitha Saju Ernakulam 2009
Dr.P.M.Rajeswari Ernakulam 2009
Dr.Snanam Basheer Ernakulam 2009
Dr.Reeti Rajan Alappuzha 2009
Dr.TinuPhilip Thiruvalla 2009
Dr.Urmila k Kasargod 2010
Dr.Balakrishan R Thrissur 2010
Dr.Priyath Babychan Tripunithra 2010
Dr. V Girija Ernakulam 2010
Dr.Priya Radhakrishan Palakkad 2010
Dr. Mini Mammen Roy Ernakulum 2010
Dr.Jyothi P Rao Idukki 2010
Dr.Rajasree K S Calicut 2010
Dr.Joseph Varkey Kottayam 2010
Dr.Bessy Varghese Trivandrum 2010
Dr.Seneesh Kumar V Kollam 2010
Dr.Chandrakala C Pillai Angamaly 2010
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Dr.Lisie Varghese Malappuram 2010
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Dr.Nazrin Ansari Malappuram 2011
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Dr.Sachin Vedpathak Trissur 2011
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Dr.Joseph Francis   2011
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Dr. Teena Anne Joy Vyttila 2011
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Dr. Chaithra . T.M Kochi 2012
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Dr. Indu B.R Kadavanthra 2012
Dr. Indu B.R Kadavanthra 2012
Dr. Sangeetha Tharian kochi 2012
Dr. Sugesh Devi Calicut 2012
Dr. Kumar Gopal Kadavanthra 2012
Dr. Radhika . k Malapuram 2012
Dr. Lakshmy . S Kozhikode 2012
Dr. Ranipaul Kochi 2012
Dr. R. Venugopal Alapuzha 2012
Dr. Suneetha Kalam Calicut 2012
Dr. Kiriti Mundada Peumbavoor 2012
Dr. G. Chithra   2013
Dr. Sheena Govid kannur 2013
Dr. Sheena Govid kannur 2013
Dr. S. Maria John Mala 2013
Dr. Jayasree Calicut 2013
Dr. Preethy K Joseph Pala 2013
Dr. Saneela m.S Kozhikode 2013
Dr. Sherin Mathew Bharanaganam 2013
Dr. Anitha Sebastian Calicut 2013
Dr. Swapna Ponnekkara 2013
Dr. Dhanam Jayan vaikom 2013
Dr. Hemanth Kumar Vaikom 2013
Dr.Remesh.P. Vaikom 2013
Dr.Smitha Santhosh Kannur 2014
Dr.Neethu.P.K Kannur 2014
Dr.Saramma Thomas Thiruvalla 2014
Dr.Gopika.A Thiruvananthapuram 2014
Dr. Divya nair Palakkad 2014
Dr. Prakash Inkula Kollam 2014
Dr. Ajitha kumari Ernakulam 2014
Dr. Arati Thrissur 2014
Dr. Jibi Mathew Iduki 2014
Dr. Elizabeth Ernakulam 2014
Dr. Elizabeth Samson Pathanamthitta 2014
Dr.Baby Jalaja Calicut 2014
Dr.Maya.K.S Abudhabi 2014
Dr.Maya.K.S Abudhabi 2014
Karnataka State        [Top]
Dr. Shakeela Shetty Bangalore 1998
Dr. Mahalaxmy Bangalore 1998
Dr. Shanti V. Hegde Sirsi 1998
Dr. Padmakshi Bangalore 1998
Dr Durgadas Asrana Tumkur 1998
Dr. M.S. Prasad Mysore 1999
Dr. Vidya. V. Bhat Bangalore 1999
Dr. Suhasini Inamdar Bangalore 1999
Dr. B. Surneelamma Bangalore 1999
Dr. D.L. Nagarathnamma Bangalore 1999
Dr. A. Amrtha Bhandary Mangalore 1999
Dr. Ambarisha Bhandiwad Mysore 1999
Dr. P. Sarkar Bangalore 1999
Dr. Meena. R. Kalghatgi Hubli 1999
Dr. S. Kamalamma Mysore 1999
Dr. S. Vidhya Prabhakar Manipal 1999
Dr. Kumudini Arun Bangalore 1999
Dr. Veena Acharya Bangalore 2000
Dr. K. Narayana Babu Bhadravathi 2000
Dr. K.S. SowbhagyaLakshmi Mysore 2000
Dr. Sudha. T.R. Mysore 2000
Dr. Sujatha. Y. Bangalore 2000
Dr. Renuka Matti Bangalore 2000
Dr. T.G. Shashidhara Davangara 2000
Dr. K.S. Saubhagyalakshmi Mysore 2000
Dr. Saji John. K Bangalore 2000
Dr. Anupama. S. Shimoga 2001
Dr. Jayasree Venkatesh Bangalore 2001
Dr. Veerendra Kumar. C.M. Bellary 2001
Dr. Rajeev Singh Mysore 2001
Dr. Santha Seetaram Bellary 2001
Dr. R. Vijayakumari Bellary 2001
Dr. Megha Prashant Gulbarga 2001
Dr.Shailesh .Mbarabde Bangalore 2003
Dr. Yogendra K. Naik   2003
Dr. Mahalakshmy K.M Bangalore 2003
Dr. ShasiPrabhuSwamy Mysore 2003
Dr.Anapurna Mathan Mysore 2003
Dr. Latha Shankar Bangalore 2004
Dr.K.V Malini Bangalore 2004
Dr. Chetana Aravind Bangalore 2004
Dr.K.Preethi Gowda Bangalore 2004
Dr.Ravikanth G.O Sullia 2004
Dr. Sunanda Rkulkarni Bangalore 2004
Dr.Bimal John Bangalore 2004
Dr.Ramesh.G Bellary 2004
Dr M.P Shanthi Bangalore 2004
Dr.Swati G.vaidya Karnataka 2004
Dr.Bimal John Bangalore 2004
Dr. Arundhathi M Herle Banglore 2005
Dr. Shylaja. A.S Bangalore 2005
Dr N. Sharmila Bangalore 2005
Dr. Sujatha Ravindra Bangalore 2005
Dr C.P Sudha Bangalore 2005
Dr.Vijayalakshmi R Gobbur Bijapur 2005
Dr.Sandhya Udupi 2005
Dr.Naveen Prasanna Bangalore 2006
Dr.Ramesh Kumar.R Hubli 2006
Dr.M.Parvathi Bangalore 2006
Dr.Sharadabhai Bharatnur Gulburga 2006
Dr.Shilpa.N Bellary 2006
Dr.Rajasri Gyaliwal   2006
Dr.Sunita T.H Dharwad 2006
Dr.Kubera Karnataka 2007
Dr. Madhu K.N Davangere 2007
Dr. Sunitha B.C Bangalore 2007
Dr. Vrushali G.Umarani Bangalore 2007
Dr M.B Bellad Belgaum 2007
Dr M.M Umadi Belgaum 2007
Dr. Chinmaya Kulkarni Haveri 2008
Dr. Meenakshi .S Bangalore 2008
Dr. Naresh T.Pawaskar Karnataka 2008
Dr. Saravanna Kumar.N Kolar 2008
Dr M.D Rashmi Mysore 2008
Dr.Jayashree.S Mysore 2008
Dr.Deepa K.V Mysore 2008
Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Hubli 2009
Dr. Shanthala.S Bangalore 2009
Dr. Manjula.M.Gaekwad Bangalore 2009
Dr. Suvarna Mohandas Mestha Mangalore 2009
Dr.Laxmi Yaliwal Hubli 2009
Dr.Jamuna Kanakaraya Hubli 2009
Dr.Sandhya.S.S Shimoga 2009
Dr.Roopa.S Mysore 2009
Dr.Leena.C.D Bangalore 2009
Dr.Sunanda Manipal 2009
Dr. Anuradha.R.Lokare Bangalore 2009
Dr.Sabeena.S Manipal 2010
Dr.shubhangini K T Bangalore 2010
Dr.Shalini Dimenezes Udupi 2010
Dr.N Shailaja Bangalore 2010
Dr.Bharati Pujari Dharwad 2010
Dr.Lata G N Bangalore 2010
Dr.Damayanthi Krishna Mohan Karnataka 2011
Dr. S. Veena Braganza Dharwad 2011
Dr. Sangeetha Radhakrishna Bangalore 2011
Dr. Anitha N.S.N Bangalore 2011
Dr. Poornima Ramesh Bangalore 2012
Dr. Kavitha C Hebballi Bagalkot 2012
Dr. Anitha N.S.N Bangalore 2012
Dr. Poornima Ramesh Bangalore 2012
Dr. Meenakshi A Badatali Bagalkot 2012
Dr.Lakshmikanth Mysore 2012
Dr.Namratha Kulkarni Kuppam 2013
Dr.Veena .M.E Chikmangalore 2014
Dr.Deepa nambiar Chikmangalore 2014
Dr. Haridarsan Bangalore 2014
Dr. Noor-ul-Ayain Bangalore 2014
Dr. Nalina D Bangalore 2014
Meghalaya        [Top]
Dr.Neelot Parna Saikia Shillong 2014
Jharknand        [Top]
Dr. Anupam kumarki Ranchi 2013
Dr. Kadambini kumari Ranchi 2013
Himachel Pradesh        [Top]
Dr. Amrish Kapoor Solan 2009
Dr.Sushmaso D Kangra 2010
Dr.Kapoor Simla 2013
Manipur State        [Top]
Dr.LaishramTrinity Meetei Imphal 2007
Dr. Helen Kamei Imphal 2014
Chhattisgarh State        [Top]
Dr.Vandana Gupta   2004
Dr.Arun Agrawal Korea 2006
Dr. Manoj Chellani   2008
Dr.Phebe.J.Wallace Bilaspur 2014
Dr.Phebe Jennifer Wallace Imphal 2014
Dr. Dev kumar Sao Imphal 2014
Delhi State        [Top]
Dr. Smita Vats Delhi 2011
Rajasthan State        [Top]
Dr.Jyothi Bhargava Jhalawar 2003
Dr. Meenal Solanki Rajasthan 2003
Dr. Sudha Sharma Udaipur 2003
Dr.Smita Dashora Udaipur 2004
Dr. Chetna Jain Jodhpur 2005
Dr. Meenakshi Soni Jodhpur 2005
Dr. Chandra K Hathi 2005
Dr. Priya Gupta Jaipur 2011
Dr. Santosh Khokher Jodhpur 2012
Dr. shruthi Birla Kota 2013
Dr. Himanshu Rai Jodhpur 2013
Dr.Farida Rangawala Kota 2013
Uttar Pradesh State        [Top]
Dr. Nisha Rastogi Moradabad 1998
Dr. Archana Goel Moradabad 1998
Dr. Neeraja Muzaffar Nagar 1998
Dr. Urmila Lucknow 1999
Dr. Hem Prabha Gupta Lucknow 1999
Dr. Vimlesh Sharma Gaziabad 1999
Dr. Rashmi Ojha Allahabad 1999
Dr. J. Perhar Allahabad 1999
Dr. LalitaShukla Allahabad 1999
Dr. Andaleeb Agarwal Allahabad 1999
Dr. Prerna Agarwal Firozabad 2000
Dr. Prabha Lohcheb Aligarh 2000
Dr. Vandna Grover Haridwar 2000
Dr. Neera Seth Meerut 2000
Dr. Kavitha Gandhi Agra 2000
Dr. V.K. Sigh Kanpur 2000
Dr. Sangita Khare Allahabad 2000
Dr. Prapti Singh Moradabad 2001
Dr. Neelam Singhal Meerut 2001
Dr. Anjula Bhargava Aligarh 2001
Dr. Vibha Nisra Varanasi 2001
Dr. Neelam Ohri Varanasi 2001
Dr. Nita Jaggi Agra 2002
Dr. Kavitha Barnwal Bihar 2004
Dr. Renu Lakhtakia Lucknow 2008
Dr. Vanditha Khanna Lucknow 2008
Dr. Amrita Jaipurar Gorakhpur 2009
Dr. Arunima Saxena Allahabad 2010
Dr. Geetha Gupta Gorakpur 2013
Dr. Chavi Goyal Gorakpur 2014
Utharaghand State        [Top]
Dr.Pawan PreetMann Rudrapur 2009
West Bengal State        [Top]
Dr. Banku Bihari Datta Durgapur 2000
Dr. Bimal Kumar Raj Kharagpur 2001
Dr. Kanchan Kumar Dhara Midnapur 2001
Dr. Prasanta Sinha Midnapur 2001
Dr. Jyoti Prokash Haldar Howrah 2001
Dr. Arup Kumar Agarwala Malda 2002
Dr.Shikhadri Sekhar Dasgupta Jalpaiguri 2003
Dr. Syed Shah Nawaz Al- Hossani Purba 2003
Dr. Soumendra Sahasikdar Burdwan 2003
Dr.AmitDutta West Bengal 2004
Dr.Arghya Maithra West Bengal 2004
Dr.Navita Kumari Farakka 2004
Dr.Nilabha Bhaduri Kolkata 2005
Dr. Abhinibesh Chatterjee Kolkata 2005
Dr.Subhendu Das Gupta Durgapur 2006
Dr.Arnab K.Basak Kolkata 2007
Dr.Sebanti Goswami Kolkata 2007
Dr. Samir Kumar Ray Kolkata 2008
Dr. Sangeetha Agarwal Kolkata 2008
Dr. Subhash Ranjan Saha Kolkata 2008
Dr.Monica Saha Calcutta 2008
Dr.Nilanjana Chaudhary Kolkata 2008
Dr.Laxmi Yaliwal Hubli 2009
Dr. Aritra Pradhan Malada 2009
Dr. Sharmishtha Patra Kolkata 2009
Dr. Sumitra Roy Choudury West Bengal 2009
Dr.Sangram K Dolai Kolkatta 2009
Dr.ChaithaliRoy Kolkatta 2009
Dr.LaxmiAgarwal Kolkatta 2009
Dr.Susovan Banerjee Murshidabad 2009
Dr.Aparna Battacharya Asokanagar 2009
Dr.Bibek Mohan Rakshit Kolkata 2010
Dr. Asish KR Ghosh Kolkata 2010
Dr.Chandana Das Kolkata 2010
Dr,Picklu Chaudhuri Kolkata 2010
Dr. Anuradha Phadikar Kolkata 2010
Dr.Ajit Kumar DE West Bengal 2011
Dr.Subir Kumar Bhattacharyya Kolkata 2011
Dr. Lalima Banerjee Kolkatta 2011
Dr. Piya Ray Kolkatta 2012
Dr.Gopabandhu Dutta Kolkatta 2013
Dr. Amithabha Banerji Kolkata 2013
Dr. Bismajyoti Guha Kolkata 2013
Dr.Paras Nath siliguri 2014
Dr.Nirmal Kumar Sahu Howrah 2014
Dr.Madhurekha saha Kolkata 2014
Dr. Gangadhar mahapatra Midnapur 2014
Dr. Debajyoti Tapadan Kolkata 2014
Dr. Jayashish chakrabarthi Kolkata 2014


Basic endoscopic training course was started in 1986 and advanced endoscopic training in 1994. More than 1200 doctors have been trained since then. This program was developed because of the recognition that most graduating residents in obstetrics and gynecology were not fully trained in operative endoscopic surgery. In addition, it was recognized that most of the advances in endoscopic surgery were being developed in the non-teaching hospitals

Previous Fellows:

Dr. Satyen Kasabwala, M.D.
Dr. Biju Pillai M.S.
Dr. Renuka Borisa M.D.
Dr. Madhu K. N M.S.
Dr. Sejal Naik M.S.
Dr. SowJanya M.S.
Dr. Ameet Patil M.D.
Dr. Indranil Chaudhari MBBS, DGO, DNB, MRCOG

Dr.Sreevidhya MBBS, MS,OB

Dr. Anita Budania MBBS,MS

Dr. Praveenkumar  Thakare,MBBS,MS,DNB,(OBGY)

Dr. Sheetal Barsagade MBBS,MS

Dr. Shabanam MBBS,MS(OBGY) 

Dr. Pratap.T. MBBS,MS(OBG) 

Dr. Harneet Kaur MBBS,MD  
Dr. Dimple  K.Ahluwalia MBBS,MS(OBS & GYNAE)  
Dr. Gurav  Chopade  MBBS,MS,DNB(OBS&GYNAE)  
Dr. Dhivya MBBS,MD(OBS & GYNA)
Dr.Varsha Rengaraj  MBBS,MS(OBS& GYNAE)
Dr. Saurabh Patil MBBS,MS,(OBS & GYNAE) 
Dr. Tanuka Das  MBBS,MS(GYN& OBS) DNB
Dr. Manju Thomas MBBS,MS








Purposes of the Fellowship

To provide an opportunity for gynecologists who have completed their PG to acquire additional skills in advanced endoscopy and reproductive surgery.
To further research in endoscopic surgery.

Conduct of the Fellowship

Course duration is for 1 year
On satisfactory completion of one month training, course will be extended for 1 year.
Course fee is 5 Lakh rupees.
Single room accommodation will be provided in the hospital.
Eligible for stipend of Rs 15,000 per month.

The fellow can work with the preceptor and other designated members of the training team in the operating room. The fellow should participate in the pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative care of patients. The fellow may be assigned to other professionals to gain additional knowledge and experience in procedures and techniques. In addition, the fellow is required to participate in research in endoscopic surgery.
Documentation of the Fellowship

At the successful completion of the fellowship, each fellow will receive a certificate.

Application and Agreements of Preceptee for the Fellowship in Gynecologic Endoscopic Surgery 
Medicolegal cases- Information
Representations and Warranties
By applying for appointment as PRECEPTEE, I represent and warrant that:
  1. All information submitted by me in this application is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  2. I agree to practice my profession according to the professional and ethical standards of my specialty.
  3. I have satisfactorily completed MD/DGO and have Indian Medical council Registration.


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